Online casinos are taking the world by storm, especially during a pandemic when offline gambling venues are forced to reduce the number of their visitors and even close their doors altogether. At the forefront of the growth of the iGaming industry, Canada is the world leader in the number of online casino websites available and the gambling options they offer. Despite not the best start due to shaky Canadian legislation, the online gambling industry is now showing staggering returns as it has attracted a huge audience of Canadian gambling enthusiasts. So, it’s time to find out what the best online casino games (Canada) are available to local players – read on to learn about the most popular gambling options.

The Most Popular Online Casino Games – Best Gambling Options to Bet On

When visiting online casinos, Canadian players set themselves two important goals – to win money and have fun. The biggest challenge is finding the next game that provides the best gambling experience. We have highlighted several of the best online casino games that are most popular among Canadian gamblers:

  1. Slots. Being games of chance, they are great for casuals and seasoned pros alike. Simple rules, fun gameplay and pretty good winning odds are the things that make online slots a truly special options.
  2. Black Jack. A game of skill and luck, it attracts the attention of many Canadian gambling enthusiasts. It is among the best online casino games (Canada) because – with the right strategy – you can gain an edge over house.
  3. Roulette. As one of the oldest casino games, it offers a lot of fun and very high winning odds. A variety of roulette versions can be found in Canadian casinos, including European, French, American and Live Dealer options.
  4. Poker. Canadian casinos offer a wide variety of poker options including video poker machines and Live Dealer Poker. In addition, there are many poker apps with popular variations and formats of the famous game including cash games, freerolls and tournaments.
  5. Baccarat. Having a lot in common with blackjack, it offers somewhat simplified rules, but the gameplay is still fun and exciting.
  6. Craps. Played with two dice, this game is one of the best online casino games (Canada) as it offers an exciting experience and pretty high winning odds.

Note: Choose a Canadian casino website that offers as many different types of casino games as possible to find the one you like.

Best Options with the Highest Winning Odds

When talking about the casino games that offer the best winning odds, there are several options to mention:

  • Single-Deck Blackjack. Even if you don’t use card counting techniques, your winning chances are about 98.5%.
  • Craps. Depending on the strategy you are using, the return-to-player ratio ranges from 95% to 98.6%, making it one of the best online casino games (Canada).
  • 3-Card Poker. Using perfect strategy, you will be able to bring the house edge down to an extremely low 1.5%.

In addition, we recommend trying video poker and live dealer baccarat, which also offer very high chances of winning.

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