Craps game entered casino world a long time ago. Gambling people often choose this fun entertainment when they want to get a good boost of energy playing dynamic game. Today you will find tabs with Craps on many online platforms. Choose only a licensed casino and start these exciting rounds in Craps.

Online Craps: instructions for beginners

For those who are taking their first steps in online Craps, some instructions will be very useful. First of all, players need to learn the rules of a game. These basic Craps for beginners principles are simple, but you still need to know a guide.

Six-sided dice is used in the game Craps. Each face is marked with dots indicating a number. If the dice are made correctly, the sum of the numbers on opposite sides is always seven: one opposite six, two opposite five, three opposite four.

Each Craps for beginners game goes through several playing stages. The first stage is also called Come Out Roll. The second stage of the Craps game is called Point Roll. Here, players are defined with such an option as a point. This can be any amount that falls on the dice, except for two, three, seven, eleven and twelve. As soon as the amount of points on the dice is equal to 7 or the point value is dropped on the roll , the second round ends.

Main thing in Craps for beginners, both land-based and virtual Las Vegas casinos, – is betting. At different stages of the game, casino customers can place different types of bets. So, during the Come Out Roll, a player can bet on the Pass Line or Don’t Pass Line. The first bet wins if the total of seven or eleven points is awarded as a result of the roll. Second bet will lead a player to victory if the combination on the dice is 2, 3 or 12 points. If the specified numbers fall out, the bets win or lose, and the Come Out Roll stage is played again.

During Point Roll round, users can make an unlimited number of throws. The game continues until the total amount is equal to the number of points or seven. As soon as this happens, the round ends and the winner is determined.

The amount of payouts in Craps for beginners depends on the probability of getting a certain number of points on the dice. The lower a chance of getting combination of points on the dice, the bigger a prize may be. You can find out coefficients in the paytable on a casino website. The biggest rewards will be awarded in Craps for a bet “Twelve or Two” – 30:1.

Best strategy for playing Craps at Las Vegas casino

It is obvious that any novice Craps player wants to learn how to win. But to do this, he should first choose a reliable online casino for permanent practice. So, Las Vegas casino is the best place for a novice Craps gamer.

Each casino game has its own strategies for winning, which have been tested many times by experienced users. So if you want to win Craps, find out the most effective ways to play. Remember that Craps is a contest of random probabilities. None of the strategies can guarantee you a 100% victory, but it can significantly increase it:

  • Craps beginner’s strategy – 1-3-2-6;
  • Combination of bets;
  • Oscar Grind strategy;
  • Mixed systems;
  • Bets on Do.

If you are a beginner, first learn Craps strategy for beginners CRP tutorial – Collect, Regress, Press. This is a fairly simple method of the Craps round, which can be used even by a gamer with small monetary opportunities. This is an ideal option for novice casino users.

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