Calculating the probabilities when playing dice, that is, in craps, looks rather complicated at first glance. But this is not as difficult as it seems. When we calculate the probability of dropping something in the game, we need to know what it might be. If you have not played dice yet, then you can try this game at casino . Digressing a bit, let’s move on to an overview of the dice game itself.

If we are talking about dice for a game of dice, where each has 6 faces, then we get a total of 6×6 combinations, that is, 36 options for dropping the dice. Moreover, there are only 11 possible dice points in the game – from 2 to 12.

There is only one way to dial 2 or 12. It should only be 2 units, and only 2 sixes on each die. Despite the fact that there are 36 combinations, only 1 can add up to 2. So the probability of getting a sum of 2 is 1: 35. To add 3 in total, there are 2 ways. It can roll 1 and 2, or maybe 2 and 1. So the probability of rolling 3 is 2 in 36, or 1 in 18, which is 1: 17.

The formula for calculating the probability of getting a certain amount in craps is quite simple. We divide 36 by the number of combinations giving the required amount. Since there are 6 combinations giving a total of 7, then we divide 36 by 6, we get 6, or the chance of getting 7 is 1/6. Converting these odds is also very simple. This is the ratio of the likelihood of what will happen to what will not happen. That is, 7 can be dropped 1 time. And 5 times it will not fall out.

Craps odds

A casino share is the difference between what the casino takes and pays out and this is called true odds. For example, the casino pays out $ 30 on a $ 1 bet if someone bets on a deuce. This makes a profit for the casino, since in fact the casinos have to pay $ 35 for 1 dollar bet in the case of a deuce, since the probability of a 2 being rolled is 1: 35. But if the casino did this, it would have no profit, and it makes no sense in his existence, too. Then simply no one would be able to play dice.

It is very useful to know how the probability of winning combinations is calculated, since different bets have different shares of an online casino. If you understand the math, then it is easier to choose the desired rates with the lowest online casino share. Choosing bets with a low casino share is a good craps strategy. Remember that playing at an online casino for real money is a risk, but you can play for free, so to speak in demo mode! Good luck

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