Craps is a game of chance that is played with dice. Its essence is in throwing them away and counting points. The winner is the one who got the biggest amount of points. The order of throwing the dice and counting them differs depending on the type of game. It is usually played on a special craps play table. Together with the shooter who rolls the dice and the dealer, up to 20 other players can take part in craps placing their bets. The bets can be placed on the shot or the outcome of the game. And the aim of the game is to guess which combination will appear after the throw. Craps is a classic casino game and is still popular among the players because it is really fun and can bring good money.

The main types of craps

Craps is one of the most demanded gambling games. Almost all online casinos offer craps in its classic version. But there are also other interesting variations of this game which have its own unique features and rules. So, the main types of craps are:

  1. Bank Craps – is the most common version of the game and is used in all the casinos. It’s played on a special casino table with a unique layout. The players place bets against the house on a specific section before rolling the dice;
  2. Private craps – it can be played on the street or in special private buildings, no casinos needed. It has a homemade table with a win and lose line. Also, the opportunity to win big amounts in this kind of craps is much bigger than in the classic one;
  3. Crapless Craps – it can be played outside the casino with much better odds. It has a good feature which makes it impossible to lose the money on a pass line bet to craps on the come-out roll;
  4. High Point Craps – is considered as an easy version of craps. In the game, the first roll of 2 or 3 is usually ignored, but when 11 or 12 is rolled, you win money automatically;
  5. Simplified Craps – is made mostly for beginners as it has very simple rules. All you need to do is to roll the dice, and depending on what number is rolled, you win or lose.

The rules of any type of craps can be quickly remembered by the players, but the betting system in all of them is absolutely categorical: you either win or lose.

Best online venues to play craps in Canada

Gambling games in Canada have been too popular for many years. More than 80% of the adult population of this country play casino games including craps. Every day the gaming tables in Canada are full of players and there is no doubt, as craps game is really interesting and entertaining. To play craps online can be possible in such famous Canadian casinos:

  • Slotomania;
  • Caesars Slots;
  • Woo Casino;
  • Jackpot City;
  • Pokies Parlour;
  • Spin Palace;
  • WildCard City;
  • Jackpot Party.

All of these online casinos have a very easy interface and good graphics to make your experience of playing craps unforgettable.

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