Craps is a fairly popular gambling game based on trying to predict what the pair of dice will show on one or several rolls. A craps novice may find the game rules intimidating, as they are full of strange terms, numbers, and different bets. But it’s not rocket science to play craps online – once you complete the learning part, everything will fall into place.

Learning The Rules And Practicing Are Key To Mastering Craps

The player’s goal is to predict how the dice will land. The two main bets a novice player needs to know are “pass line” and “don’t pass line”.

A round of craps consists of two stages: the “come-out” roll followed by the “point”.

  • If the come-out roll lands 2, 3, or 12, pass line bettors lose. This situation is called “craps”.
  • 2 or 3 on the dice bring a win to don’t pass line bettors, while 12 is a tie.
  • If the come-out roll lands 11 or 7, the situation is a “natural” win for pass line bettors and a loss for those who wagered on don’t pass line.

If the dice show 4-6 or 8-10, this outcome establishes a “point”. The dice must be rolled again – if they show the same number as on the previous roll, pass line wins. The result of 7 is a loss for pass line bettors.

Where Can I Learn To Play Craps Online? Free Craps Practice

If you’re a newcomer looking to learn the theoretical foundation of craps, there are plenty of relevant materials on the web. Consider starting your journey at the Wizard of Odds portal, which can teach you everything about the game rules, betting nuances, odds and payouts. Besides, this website features training craps games – play free online simulators to learn the ropes.

If you prefer to practice in a more realistic environment, many online casinos have a play-money mode in their craps games. Training with virtual credits allows you to get used to the real casino craps software and learn to manage your bankroll.

How To Win Real Money And Minimize Your Losses When You Play Craps Online

The following tips will help you maximize your winning chances and avoid disheartening losses.

  1. Before joining a craps table determine your loss limit. If you reach it, leave the table.
  2. Never chase a loss. Due to the house edge, you’re more likely to lose some more money instead of winning back the initial loss.
  3. Betting against the dice has a better house edge. Pass line is 1.41%, while don’t pass line is 1.36%.
  4. The odds bet is always a good idea, as it has zero house edge. It’s a side bet after the “point” is established. Betting on a range of outcomes, you try to predict what number shows up before the dice land 7.
  5. Proposition bets (wagering on a single roll’s outcome) are not profitable. The house edge can reach 13.98%, so novices should stay away from this bet type.
  6. Refrain from the Big 6 and Big 8 bets when you play craps online. Making these bets, you wager on the 6/8 landing before 7. A win pays even money, but you can get a better payout (7:6) by wagering on 6/8 as a place bet.

For a beginner, the working strategy of winning craps is to rely on the bets with the best odds, playing smart and safe.

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