Many of you today probably hearing the word “Craps”, begin to imagine the luxurious gaming halls of Las Vegas casinos, where players in expensive suits make their bets. But this was not always the case and this gambling game has other versions. Previously, a game of Craps could take place right on the streets, somewhere in a narrow alley. Street type of the game is the forerunner of the famous Dice play that we all know today.

How did Street Craps appear?

Craps game is now available on all online casino sites, as well as in most land-based gaming halls. But not everyone knows that this gambling entertainment was preceded by another, but very similar game – street Craps. It was first played by people at the beginning of the last century on the streets of the United States.

Back in the days when luxury gambling halls didn’t exist, people with hot tempers and risk-takers would gather in the streets, place bets, and throw dice. So there was a street Craps. Interestingly that the Street Craps version does not use a Craps table. Participants of the Street Craps threw dice directly on the sidewalk.

Nowadays, you can also find a place where people still compete in Street Craps today. So, 6 years ago, the hall was opened for this entertainment in the Grand-Casino of Las Vegas. An important feature of Street Craps is its simple rules. They are much clearer and more transparent than in the traditional type of the game.

Instructions for the game

The game is always based on rules. So, the street Craps rules although simple, but you need to know how to play street Craps very well. In the game, participants use a pair of dice. Players place their bets on the shooter’s roll. This is the rule of casino Craps in online and land-based clubs. In street Craps, bets are placed against cash that players make against each other.

The main features and ways of Street Craps are easy to get: here is a person-shooter who throws the dice, and all the rest ones place their bets. For a gambling start, you only need to pick up the dice and find a suitable surface to throw. Here are some of the main stages of the street version of the game:

  • Participants in the street Craps round choose the person who will roll the dice and who knows well how to play Craps. Next, the shooter decides which bet he will make. All participants also place their bets on the roll;
  • Second stage of this amazing play – the shooter makes the first throw of the game. If he gets numbers: 7, 11, 2, 3, 12 – then he ends the round. The shooter and the gamer who makes a stake in favor of the shooter win the round if 7 or 11 are drawn. If 2, 3, or 12 are drawn when the dice are rolled, the shooter and other players who bet for it lose;
  • Then, you will need to select a certain number that differs from those that previously appeared in the game. After that, the shooter rolls the dice again. The basic aim is to get exactly the number defined above on the surface. The main thing is that the shooter does not get the number 7 as a result of this round, because in this case he will lose;
  • The dice roll goes on until a 7 or a point appears. The shooter loses if he gets 7, and wins if he gets a point. If other numbers appear, the shooter throws the dice again. In the final game, either the number 7 or a point must fall out.

So, you can see that the Craps rules street are very similar to the traditional game, but street Craps rules are easier. It is not surprising that even today many novice gamers prefer such gambling entertainment both for real money and in the format of free battles.

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